12 responses to “Cavanillesia arborea”

  1. Philip Knight

    Absoloutely incredible! What amazing flower’s.

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    And one more from Nikolaus (it was sent along at too small a size to use as one of the main photographs):

  3. Dinesh Valke

    The baobabs are so wonderfully strange among the trees!! Thank you, Nikolaus.

  4. tajalli

    As always, the photos are wonderful and the links stimulating, such a contribution! A little question though, do the thickened boles of the trees store water? They remind me of tubers and since these trees are found in a dry climate, I thought they might.

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Yes, I think so – water storage is the general strategy of the caudiciform structure.

  6. elizabeth a airhart

    the grand old men of the forest

  7. Margaret-Rae Davis

    I have never seen trees like these. Seeing the fruit and not knowing if it is there when there are leaves on the tree makes me want to know more. Will they be saved?
    Thanks for the photograph of the the banana flowers and fruit. I so like this site and a chance to learn more each day.
    Thank you,

  8. thomas

    Simply Beautiful!

  9. Alex Jablanczy

    I feel like the old guy who went to the zoo and upon staring at the giraffe said they can’t fool me there is so such animal.
    These baobabs must be relics of the Cretaceous at least.

  10. Alexander Jablanczy

    I meant Carboniferous of course as that was when the coalbeds of the world were laid down.
    Sometimes in the raging debates we forget that all fossil fuels are of course biofuels for that is what they mean and of course what they were a few hundred million years ago.
    Living things.
    Whereas Cretaceous is also life produced but in that case not carbon but calcium or chalk shelled microbes or plankton.

  11. Alexander Jablanczy

    The more I look the more interesting these trees become. I have to revise the geologic age a third time. What if the trunks are for protection from body checks and the height of the branches to avoid megafauna so a mere what fifty million years instead of hundreds?

  12. Daniel Arruda

    são nativas em meu quintal…

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