5 responses to “Bryoria fuscescens”

  1. Philip Knight

    Daniel, sounds interesting …………any recipes ?

  2. Van

    Ahh, yes, I’ve seen this. Bryoria. Edible? Hmmm. Nice photo 🙂

  3. Debby

    Beautiful colours. Could form the basis of a trendy decorating scheme. Thanks, Daniel!

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    i am not sure about edible horsehair
    my tastes run amock when i see a wild
    starbucks and a moca fudge ice cold latte
    they have no problems reproduceing
    wait till january we will just have to
    do you have a holiday tree in the park
    and may we please see it thank you daniel

  5. sheila williams

    Actually I do have a recipe. Working with the Kamloops Band a few years ago, the elders showed us how to make this ‘dessert’. Layers of ‘horsehair’ and saskatoon berries were put in a pit and cooked for 24 hours. The result was very edible!

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