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  1. Souren

    Certainly for me, the entertainment and educational value of BPotD is definitely worth an annual fee. I look forward to continued contact with BPot? in whatever future form it takes. Best wishes

  2. Margaret Morgan

    Wow, what a lovely surprise. Thanks, Daniel. By maybe-not-such-a-coincidence, that’s the image I’m now using for my flickr account profile. It is a gorgeous inflorescence. 🙂

  3. Knox

    BPotD provides an interesting daily view of the amazing wonders of our horticultural world. I look forward to viewing it each day as it provides a unique and calming balance to our otherwise hectic life. Daniel, I have always admired and aprreciated your tremendous effort and dedication in preparing and presenting this daily educational program. The statistics you quote emphasize both the importance and economy of your contribution. I would be pleased to make an annual contribution towards the cost of producing BPotD. I am sure there are many others who would agree withmaking such a ‘donation’ providing it goes to this program and is not ‘captured’ by the UBC for another of their many ‘needs’.

  4. James

    Wow, this is an exciting entry. (I also liked the recent bug-eating plant entry as well.) On the topic of a small fee, I think making a donation now and again would be important and something I would want to do. I’d agree with Knox that I’d want to know my donation was supporting this site and your work. I also think making a donation mandatory for use of this site would hurt the ability of this site to attract and sustain users. I think, like public radio in America, there will always be many, many users on good quality sites. Many will never contribute but among the total users you’ll find a large band of willing financial contributors. Take care and all the best. James

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Oh, we’re definitely not looking at an annual fee. There is much on BPotD that is shared under license by others via Creative-Commons or implied license by submitting the image to the various contributors’ pools. Even without those limited-use licenses that prevent us from doing so, we’d still steer away from profiting directly from the work of others on principle.
    I appreciate the offers of donations, and I am going to work to make it easy to do so (and yes, the money would be directed to a special-purpose fund that is restricted to be used on UBC BG web content – something that we’ve already initiated to create, but takes a little while to process).
    I’d be keenly interested if anyone has suggestions on institutions we could apply to for grants. I’ve tried approaching Canon in the past, but have never received a reply.

  6. Ginny

    I agree most strongly with making voluntary donations easier. I often contribute to causes online, and found the process for dontating to the UBCBG annoyingly complicated, not to mention being unable to specify that it go to supporting the Photo of the Day. I look forward to BPotD eagerly, but will probably never have the chance to visit your garden, a couple of thousand miles from my home in Maine. Thanks for all of your good work.

  7. Souren

    Sorry, I guess I meant a ‘contribution’ rather than a ‘fee’. Semantics so often get in the way of good intentions. Best wishes –

  8. Carol Ross

    I have not been a subscriber to your site for very long, but the subject matter and the way you organized your site is wonderful. You make it so easy to navigate back into your past postings. I look forward to bpotd every day and would be very willing to donate to help out.

  9. Ron B

    Much of the charm here may be the approach taken to moderation. Haven’t checked out Kew or Missouri forums so I don’t know how they might differ in this respect.

  10. Floater (Burton Noll)

    300,000 X 1% X $20.00 (Voluntary, US or Canadian!) = At least one intern! I have been going to Shaw’s (Missouri Botanical) Garden for about 60 years and am a current member. They do a lot and are a great source of information. But I have been to your site almost every day for the last couple of years. Just tell us where to send the Check/Visa/Mastercard to support you and your intern.

  11. m seymour

    Why not approach the Vancouver Foundation for some form of funding?

  12. Daniel Mosquin

    It is something I’ve considered in the past, but I thought their language re: granting was a bit restrictive for university programs – it doesn’t seem to be that way now, though. I’ll look into it a bit more.

  13. Daniel MT

    This Apiaceae is incredible, can be seen the stamens in the central part of the flower and may look like an Asteraceae, being this feature one I have never seen for Apiaceae.

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