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  1. Karen Newbern

    As a naturalist, I’ve shown stinkhorn fungi to groups of children a few times — you can imagine their reactions! But it’s a great way to get kids (and adults) interested in this amazing group of organisms. Thanks for sharing a very different view of this fungus.

  2. fotrristi

    OMG! I can almost feel the smell….
    Great photo!

  3. Maureen

    what a fascinating fungus and write-up, Daniel. cool!

  4. David Midgley

    Nice. We get a range of Phallales growing in our front garden over winter. All species (as far as I know) are saprotrophic fungi. We definately get a Phallus species here in southeastern Australia but whether it is P. impudicus — I’m not certain. Australia does have some introduced basidiomycetes (a few Amanita species and some others) so it’s certainly possible.

  5. Peggy

    A similar variety grew in my backyard in Oklahoma, only the cap was a lovely salmon color. The smell, though, the horrible smell!

  6. Katy S

    Wonderful image. Many thanks.

  7. Meg Bernstein

    Ohhhh, neat!!

  8. John Murtaugh

    What a great and appropriate latin name. The guy who named it must have really had a good time with his colleagues
    I certainly would not have opened an e-mail with a subject line with this name only!
    Reading your daily e-mails is a very pleasurable end to my office day. I would like to open them earlier, but I know I will end up looking at all of your references and who can tell how long it might take and to where it might lead. I would never get any work done on time.
    Thanks for all of your efforts

  9. Rosanne Ayala

    I have a similar fungi growing in my garden but it is bright orange—-has anyone ever seen this?

  10. Daniel Mosquin

    Rosanne, the forums (linked above “Post a comment”) have a fungus and lichen ID section (particularly helpful if you have an image).

  11. carol

    I have seen ONE of these in my life. My little friends and I watched it so closely (as a child and without a camera) that I had forgotten about seeing that mushroom. Your botanical study (pic)reminded me of such a long ago memory…I now reminisce, clearly, how fascinated we were and how we giggled about it forlong afterward.
    TERRIFIC photograph!
    Miss Carol

  12. koorosh

    very very thanks

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