4 responses to “Macleania insignis”

  1. Beverley

    Macleania insignis – Z10 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths
    Macleania insignis – min 10 degrees C/50 degrees F – A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Brickell, Cole, Zuk

  2. elizabeth a airhart

    selby gardens is just a short ride from me
    its so pretty on the water front
    this picture is so true to life thank you
    a real extended family so pretty in its red dress

  3. Margaret-Rae Davis

    Just when I think I’ve seen a beautiful Photograph this one is here. The sharpnes of the photo is great and the bright colour. It is nice to go to a link and see more epiphites. Beauty and learning all together.
    Thank You,


    It looks delicious ! I suppose it’s toxic………..

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