7 responses to “Euphorbia gymnocalycioides”

  1. Margaret-Rae Davis

    What an interseting Euphorbia. I have been working to save a very old plant, which is a Crown of Thorns another Euphorbia. I does seems that they come in many shapes and sizes.
    The is a wonderful Photograph.
    Thank you,

  2. David Midgley

    I’ve never seen this euphorb before, nice shot too!

  3. Sue

    Since the identifying name was way beyond my poor brain, when I looked at the picture I thought for sure it was some sort of squash. I love it, it is beautiful, and I am happy to know it was not a squash. I wonder if animals eat it, as it says it is toxic, however I have heard that if something is toxic to humans it might not be to critters.
    Lovely photograph, everything seemed to be just right for the photographer, the light, the background.. all. It is a wonderful picture.
    Thanks so much.

  4. Beverley

    Euphorbia, u-for-be-a; after Euphorbus, physician to Juba, King of Mauritania. Plant Names Simplified, Johnson and Smith.

  5. Carol Ross

    Euphorbias have long been an especial favorite group of plants to me. They are so diverse and many are “other worldly”. I have never seen this one before. I absolutely love Botany Photo of the Day.

  6. Andrea

    We at ABC have a very old plant of this species which is branching a lot. It was grafted on the columnar spurge Euphorbia resinifera and become 20 cm in diameter. I see branches growing on inflorescence pedicells too.

  7. Anthony

    Flawlessly cultivated.

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