5 responses to “Sorbus yuana”

  1. Alexander Jablanczy

    Mountain ash? or
    Chinese mountain ash?

  2. Ron B

    Flora of China entry linked to above gives 神农架花楸 shen nong jia hua qiu as common name.

  3. Michael F

    Yu’s Whitebeam, if you want an English name for it. Tse Tsun Yu (1908-1986) was a notable Chinese botanist.

  4. Margaret-Rae Davis

    It is so nice to see the photograph. The Arnold Arboretum is an incredible place to visit and I go there as ofen as possible. The very large selction of trees there in each season are wonderful. I am so lucky to have this place to go in my state of Massachusetts.
    Thank you for todays photograph and information.

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