10 responses to “Skagit Valley Provincial Park”

  1. Lucia

    Daniel, when I saw the picture immediately I thought about the local humidity … Beautiful place and bright change mental! The colors of the fall will arrive!

  2. Tina Trivett

    Gorgeous shot today! Looks so lush.

  3. Andrea

    So no coincidence that the 2-years-ago photo is the PNW’s fall color star, Acer circinatum?

  4. Sue

    Oh, my gosh! This one took me clear back to 1950, when I visited the Olympic Mountain area, and was overwhelmed by the moss and the trees and the dead logs and branches. It was beautiful then, and this is beautiful now. Thank you for giving me a visit back to when I was 10. Great picture!!

  5. elizabeth a airhart

    this is the forest primeval the murming pines
    and hemlocks—bearded with moss and in garments
    green — indistinct in the twilight stand
    the druids of old
    our american poet longfellow

  6. Margaret-Rae Davis

    I have never seen such lush and large areas of Moss. What a delight. I have never seen this in Massachusetts. I have always seen mosses in an acid soil places. I really am impressed by the wonderful Photograph. I am thinking that the trees may be Oak or one the of the acid loving trees.
    Thank you for all I learned today,

  7. Bobbie

    I read in George Schenk’s Moss Gardening that it is the absence of vegetation that encourages moss growth. At least that is what I remember now. This is such a beautiful picture and I would love to be able to visit it someday.

  8. deb lievens

    Hi Daniel, Fabulous picture. Would you be willing to share how you took it? I have tried more than once to get this effect on trails in the northeast and have failed totally. Thanks for all the info, too.

  9. Daniel Mosquin

    Thank you all. Deb, this was taken with a wide angle lens. Careful attention was paid to finding a site with a small open area so that a nearby tree wouldn’t dominate the photograph (as so often happens with wide angle images in forests, at least for me). I actually walked by this site where I took the photograph, and then backtracked about 40m to return to it, since I thought to myself that it was a relatively rare find to locate a spot with an open area (after considering it while I was walking).
    As for the technicals, hmm… f/13? f/16? Something like that. I didn’t have a polarizer on the lens. No wind, so I used iso 100 and whatever exposure time was required (sorry, I don’t recall). Lastly, and this perhaps quite important, is that this photograph was taken looking up a fairly steep hill (15 degree incline?). This allowed me to get the camera almost as high as possible on the tripod (nearly on tiptoe to use the viewfinder) and shoot with the camera angled slightly downward to eliminate the high-contrast, milky sky, filling the frame with forest.

  10. Donald DeLano

    So who cares if there are no fall colored leaves present. This is just beautiful.

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