9 responses to “Polypodium glycyrrhiza”

  1. Eric in SF

    Lovely colors and textures!
    Are there any dangers to tasting the sap from a rhizome or stem? Someone commented on a fern photo of mine once “Did the rhizome taste like licorice?” My deep fear of plant poisonings made me recoil at the thought.

  2. Cyndy Henderson

    This is truly Art in Nature – remarkable!

  3. Knox

    Great photography combined with illuminating education. Fascinating. Thanks so much.

  4. Robin Winburn

    Oh. Wow. This just took my breath away! I love the exquisite detail brought to us in these photos. Thank you for the views and for the botanic information!

  5. Ron B

    Does this identification follow the recent interpretation, which splits the local species? I haven’t paid enough attention to be able to tell from the pictures.

  6. Margaret-Rae Davis

    I do appreciate the photograph today. It seem lately I have the oppotunity to see things other wise out of my area. This turely is a learning experience.
    Thank you,

  7. elizabeth a airhart

    this is another fine picture and links to
    read my part of florida grows a lot of ferns
    and big stag horns thank you nice to read the leaves have turned in ma i used to live there
    and erics page is under constrction but looks
    just fine

  8. Ian Sturges

    eric; I did taste the sap once as a friend had indicated to me that it was edible. Both she and i each sucked on a 1 inch piece of rhizome. Unfortunately, hours later, i got very sick, but she didn’t. I don’t have the desire to suck on the rhizome anymore.

  9. Donna Frakes

    We chewed on a piece of the rhizome yesterday on our walk in the bush.. it is a very concentrated licorice flavour for sure… I live on Vancouver Island, and it is plentiful here…

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