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  1. Sue

    I was curious as to what in heck the photo was, and it was not even close to what I suspected.. an arial view of a peculiar forest, ha ha ha.
    Apparently the tree is still living on the other side, so it must be very strange, and very hardy to withstand such weather. Amazing.

  2. Adriel

    Wow, that’s cool.
    I thought we were looking at a fossilized something or other.

  3. sinagua

    In bonsai, there is a word for a part of the tree that has died, but because of its beauty they don’t cut it off, but leave it, and it enhances the tree’s overall aesthetic beauty…sure wish I could remember that word. Great photo and a great entry.

  4. Bobbie

    I hope that someday I can see these ancient trees for myself. So interesting! p.s. also enjoyed the link to seaweed lady yesterday. Beautiful photos.

  5. Robin Winburn

    Thank you for detailing the cause of what we are seeing, and providing such a detailed photo! I love the background information and botanical insights we get with the lovely photos on this site.

  6. elizabeth a airhart

    the wind is one of nutures
    artists reading this tree would be intersting
    on a lighter note the photo reminds me of a
    google map search i like to follow daniels
    yellow brick road if storm noel arives our trees
    here in florida will be wind impinted its still
    the season

  7. Knox

    If the weathering is so severe, how does the tree manage to grow and generate a layer of bark on the windward side that can eventually be subject to fissuring by the weather ?

  8. larry

    The Bristle cone is also one of the oldest dated species, I believe one in Colorado has been dated at 3500 years old

  9. Trudy Anderson

    Actually, there are 2 Bonsai words. If the dead wood is on the trunk it is called shari. If it is a branch it is called jin.

  10. Margaret-Rae Davis

    Looking at this photograph it does seem to be anything alive. Very interesting.
    Thank you for a new learning esperience.

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