4 responses to “Dryas octopetala”

  1. Joe

    strange, I would totally have guessed Asteraceae. Strange to see such a crazy fruit from a simple flower.

  2. Robin Winburn

    Beautiful! I think this may be is the same plant (or close cousin)that has haunted me for years since I saw a mass of it fluffed over a meadow in southern Colorado while I was chasing the Cumbres and Toltec RR locomotive. But — the plant I saw had a strong pink tint.

  3. roseydew@hotmail.com

    our lovely planet is still
    giveing us so many wonders does it not this
    surely one its delights
    i am trying not to be far out
    but after looking at cresent moon right over my head this early am and the brightnees keeping it company i think this group was out moonlighting

  4. Elizabeth

    Ahhhhhhh….Swan Lake!
    Thanks Daniel, for continuing to feed my imagination!

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