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  1. Peggy

    I have seen small hazelnut trees in the wild here in Northern California, about 3 miles inland from the coast. We can rarely get to the nuts before the squirrels! We also call them filberts.

  2. Sue

    I remember picking up wild hazlenuts as a child from the woods (forest) in the upper Skagit Valley. Mom put them in gunny sacks, and we kept lots of them for a couple of years and used them from time to time for snacks and at Christmas.
    One time I got into a huge argument with someone about filberts and hazelnuts, and decided for my self (ha ha) that filberts are long hazelnuts and hazelnuts are more round.
    I love all kinds of nuts except for black walnuts. Someone gave me a gunnysack full of them from Indiana, and I never did get even one open. Mom loved black walnut ice cream, although I never see it in the stores any more.
    Sigh, Life does go on, doesn’t it?

  3. Margaret-Rae Davis

    This is wonderful. Hazelnuts. I was amazined withe the cashew nuts. It is so nice to see what the nut looks like on the tree. More learning for me and I am so pleased.
    Thank you,

  4. Susan

    The America Heritage Dictionary gives the following etymology for “filbert” : [Middle English, from Old French (nois de) filbert, (nut of) Philbert, after Saint Philibert (died 684), whose feast day in late August coincides with the ripening of the nut.] Perhaps we Oregonians are classicists.

  5. Ron B

    Calling nut cultivars filberts might also be due to them being hybrids between hazelnut and filbert.

  6. Cliff

    A nice photo and description. I was somewhat surprised that Italy only accounts for 15% of production. That means I really put a very big dent in it in the mid-80s when I ordered Hazelnut (Nocciola)Gelato every chance I had.

  7. Alexander Jablanczy

    I just found the most idiotic sport on the BBC website which they fail to identify until you check with Wiki. Conckers being horse chestnut not hazelnut fights on a string more popular in France. I am training my red squirrels as pinecone and nut fighters, should be more violent than dogfights or conkers.

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