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  1. Brent

    This kind of weedy looking, coarse plant is wonderful to view in such a macro shot!
    I wonder if anyone has tried digging and eating the root of any of the North American species of Arctium? (haven’t investigated this). The Japanese species, A. lappa, is delicious: slice thinly, add sake, soy sauce, etc, a little simmering – yum! A great side dish.

  2. Brent

    I should have wrote, does anyone have personal culinary experience with this root?

  3. Debby

    Beautiful photograph, Anne.
    Daniel, I don’t often dream of plants, but reviewing my gardening day or a walk in the forest does help me drift off to sleep.
    And, Brent, I have a plant in my yard I need to research as to its culinary uses: Petasites japonica/japonicus?–Japanese butterbur…
    Love this site!

  4. Margaret-Rae Davis

    What a nice photograph. Burdock is truely lovely. However it has to be cut out of my Corker Spaniel’s coat.
    Thank you ,

  5. Old Ari

    The root along with the root of dandelion, was used to make Root Beer, my father had a recipe. Quite tasty!

  6. Jane

    I never knew this aggravating devil was not native to North America. I shall now cull with abandon! Thanks for all the great photos and information. I am relatively new to the site and it is now a daily joy.

  7. Ron B

    What? No pallid, supple and beautiful young bodies frolicking in the moonlight among the burdocks, like fairies? That is boring. The plant, on the other hand, can be kind of interesting when it grows large. Dramatic foliage for free. Of course, you have to get it to pop up in a convenient location first.

  8. SIUSI


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