7 responses to “Acer japonicum ‘O-taki’”

  1. Brent

    ‘O-Taki’: Waterfall, in Japanese, likely referring to its wonderful summer green form.

  2. Maggie

    I used to live in New York and miss the fall color displays. Now I’m in Oregon — still colorful but not nearly at spectacular as back east. This picture brings back the memories. Thanks.

  3. Mark

    When did the maples move to the Sapindaceae?

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    We tend to follow the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group and its classification system for flowering plant families (see Sapindaceae). The Wikipedia article on Aceraceae explains the situation a bit.
    As to the question of when, hmm… we’ve been using it for quite some time now (2000? 2001?) here at UBC BG. Looking back through the reference list of one of the articles from the Wikipedia link, I think somewhere between 1992 and 1996, if you use that classification system for plants.

  5. Margaret-Rae Davis

    The colours of the leaves are really great. It is so nice to see a photograph of Asian Acer. Around here we have many, many sugar maples with have wonderful colours.
    Thank you,

  6. Anthony

    Gorgeous photograph. Especially with the bit of green.

  7. Nigel Spaven

    Does anybody know how I can source some Acer Japonicum seeds or seedlings. I am based in UK and trying to get some native japanese mountain maples to grow. Any help would be much appreciated

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