8 responses to “Acer circinatum”

  1. George L. in Vermont

    Gorgeous photograph, Daniel! Very Porteresque. I love the inclined planes of the leaves joining the wild flight of the waters. The saturated colors and the ‘just right’ blurring evokes the rushing, kinetic vitality perfectly.

  2. alex66

    hi beautiful this photo ,i read that American Native use the wood of this acer for fishing,i have this acer in my garden ,but i not seen this rich coulor!!!very nice

  3. Bobbie

    I agree 100% One can never have too many photos of this beautiful maple!

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    thank you for the autum pictures
    fall is different in west central florida
    gold and pink fluff on top of the trees
    then the leaves turn green
    the picture is similar to a chinese
    brush painting is it not

  5. Margaret-Rae Davis

    the photograph today is wonderful especially with the back ground colour too.
    The Sugar Maples in western Massachusetts are just turning now and are so colourful.
    Falls foliage is a delight to see.
    Thank you,

  6. Knox

    A great photograph. The dying leaves over the moving water makes a striking image as well as reminding us that our lives too are constantly changing on as we pass though Life’s seasons. The expiring leaves foretell a period of a few weeks of visible rest followed by rebirth and renewal.

  7. Brent

    Outstanding image, Daniel!

  8. Anthony

    I commented that your BPOD for November 25, 2006, of the BC Rainforest Garden reminded me of Eliot Porter. Actually a lot more than this one.

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