7 responses to “Urginea maritima”

  1. Anthony

    Beautiful flower of Portugal. Very fine photograph.

  2. Margaret-Rae Davis

    Today just want to say I really like Rosa’s photograph. I am going on the sites mentioned.
    Thank you,

  3. Liz

    Thank you for this beautiful picture. We were just in Portugal and saw this plant and wondered what it was. It was quite abundant, mainly growing under shrubs in the water courses of the Coa Valley where we went to see paleolithic petroglyphs.

  4. David

    Thank you Rosa, I have been to Greece quite a few times in the spring. And have seen masses of these bulbs sticking out of the ground with a few drying leaves. So nice to see the actual flowers

  5. Karel Keesman

    Good morning,
    We like the photo of the urginea.
    Can we use it for a packaging of flowerbulbs?
    Hope to see your reply soonest,
    best regards,
    Karel Keesman

  6. Daniel Mosquin

    Karel, you will have to contact contemplar@Flickr. Visit the link to contemplar@Flickr from the text, click on profile, and there is an email address for you to use.

  7. jenn

    I just found one of these bulbs for sale at my local Lowes. Apparently there is a grower in southern California?
    I’m in Phoenix, so it has a chance of not dying here. We’ll see.

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