4 responses to “Rehmannia elata”

  1. Crystal

    I have grown this plant in Alabama,zone 8,for 2 years. Contrary to Paghat’s comments, the heat and humidity seem not to bother it at all. In fact the plant did very well in the heat (100+ degrees) and charastic humidity of an Alabama summer. The seed did not germinate till June, although I planted them in February. Like okra, it seems to revel in the heat. However, my plant from last year did not overwinter. I had put down a new layer of mulch, but I got only a few seedling plants. My plant’s flowers are a very pale pink and one seedling is completely white without any throat markings.

  2. elizabeth a airhart

    this is a lovely flower
    with an orchid feel to it
    i do hope you find a family
    for it if not i guess we could
    take it in give it a good home
    least a person could do before
    cold weather sets in

  3. George L. in Vermont

    Fie on phylogenetic fussiness!
    Elizabeth welcomes it into the Airhartaceae.


    I have grown this foxglove at 500 ft above sea leval on heavy clay soil for the last twenty years in STAFFORDSHIRE UK.

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