5 responses to “Larix decidua”

  1. Anthony

    Beautiful photograph.

  2. Meg Bernstein

    These grow all over our mountains and are so beautiful when they turn golden agains the grays and purples in the late fall.

  3. elizabrth a airhart

    this is a most intersting picture
    thank you is it soon time for
    for fall leaf peeping
    i would enjoy photos
    from your part of the world
    and the states here are so lovely

  4. Mario Vaden

    Nice tree.
    The image is reminding me that I may want to hike in the hills near here soon, to see the autumn colors of the Larch soon.

  5. Thor Henrich

    Note the vegetative stem growing right though the axis of one of
    the cones. This occurs occasionally in many conifer species.

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