5 responses to “Hordeum jubatum”

  1. bev

    Very cool pictures; love the texture.

  2. Margaret-Rae Davis

    These are wonderful pictures. I love the lighting in them.
    Thank you, Margaret- Rae

  3. Cyndy Henderson

    Ah yes, reminds me of the foxtail barley we have over in the Okanogan Highlands, along the lakeshore of Sidley Lake. You identified them for me, Daniel. Many thanks!!

  4. Elaine Chrysler

    the first picture is so beautiful. it would be fantastic up on the wall.

  5. Maureen

    beautiful photos, Anne and Stephen! I am so in love with grasses — have been for 30 years or longer. I’m really glad ornamental grasses are becoming so popular in landscaping. They look exquisite in the different qualities of light during a day.

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