6 responses to “Banff National Park”

  1. deb lievens

    Another beautiful picture, Daniel. It’s going in my keeper file!

  2. Souren

    Really beautiful Daniel. I always get excited when geology meets horticulture. Is the autumn colour from Aspens?

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    For the most part, these are Populus – I saw both Populus tremuloides and Populus balsamifera subsp. trichocarpa in the park. I suspect these are the former.

  4. Elizabeth Heinz


  5. elizabeth a airhart

    this goes in my keep this file
    just wonderful
    i wonder how many people paint
    and draw from this site
    camera work is so good
    perhaps you will present
    us with a calendar big wall calendar

  6. Margaret-Rae Davis

    What an interesting photograph. It gives me a since of what real mountains are like. Just to see the tree lines and the colours from the rock to the trees.
    Thank you for this great photograph,

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