8 responses to “Araucaria araucana”

  1. Carol

    My first contact with Monkey Puzzle trees was when I visited the west coast and found them growing in Oregon as ornamentals. I was intrigued with their bizarre forms.

  2. chuck o'brien

    The only time I’ve ever heard of this, the “monkey puzzle tree,” prior to this email, was in the film The Ghost and Mrs. Muir starring, if memory serves, Rex Harrison and (possibly) Gene Tierney. The Mrs. Muir character angers the sea captain by cutting down his monkey puzzle tree.

  3. Margaret-Rae Davis

    Very intersting photograph. I am interested in how it was coloured. Even in the 1960 in Photography school I was learning how to hand colour photographs. It is such an interesting tree and not one I have seen before. Thanks for all the education I get each day.

  4. Eric in SF

    The cones on this species are quite fascinating, too!

  5. Abbas Oolikkara

    Dear Sir ,
    This is very interesting and mind cooling photo. It is recommendable to show more pictures like this in this scenario in the future also.
    Abbas – Dubai

  6. Daniel Mosquin

    Margaret-Rae – the size of the original lantern slide is about 10cm x 8cm (perhaps a bit smaller). The black-and-white film reproduction was mounted on to glass, and then it was (labouriously) tinted with coloured ink (one can still purchase these paint sets, I’m told).

  7. Margaret-Rae Davis

    Thank you Daniel, I have worked with glass plates before. You are right in is very labourious. Every once in a while I will get glass slides from Master Gardeners who find them in older homes they purchase. I have been a Master Gardener for 18yrs. Photography was my profession for many years.
    Thank you again, Margaret-Rae

  8. Ken Rosengrangt

    Most incredable tree in the world…and such a beautiful specimen too…..Thank you for you efforts to show them to the world.

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