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  1. bev

    Well, just go ahead and make me jealous of where you live! (: Beautiful photo.

  2. Debby

    I love the way the clouds pile up above the mountains around the Lower Mainland, giving us in Vancouver a circle of clarity.
    Beautiful landscape photograph, Daniel!

  3. Jenny

    A slight correction: mean annual increment in Douglas fir begins to flatten out around 50-60 years of age. This is a volume measurement, but it correlates strongly with height. Info from my former coworker, renowned USDA Forest Service mensurationist Bob Curtis, in http://www.fs.fed.us/pnw/pubs/pnw_rp471.pdf.
    Note that this paper includes predictions from 4 simulation programs, 3 of which include data from SW British Columbia (1 even from Vancouver Island) so it should apply to your picture.

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks Jenny, I’ve made the correction. I was basing my statement on a graph from a different paper, but I’m not having any luck rediscovering the reference. I don’t think I’ll disagree with Bob Curtis, though!
    There’s more information on site-specific (e.g., coastal vs. interior combined with low elevation vs. high elevation) annual increments of height in the Silvics of North America: Pseudotsuga menziesii.

  5. Artena Douglas

    I have my home for sale in Alberta, I grew up in Vancouver and miss the ocean and mountains. This picture makes me very homesick. I am moving to Tahsis on the west coast of the Island. I can’t wait…what a wonderous sight this picture is, thank you.

  6. Margaret-Rae Davis

    Thank you for such a beautiful photograph.

  7. Cyndy Henderson

    Daniel, Is the land Saltspring Island? Gorgeous photo and a wonderful reminder of Beautiful British Columbia! Thank you.

  8. Daniel Mosquin

    I’m fairly certain that the foreground island is Kuper, and that the background with all of the hills is Vancouver Island. I didn’t want to say which Gulf Islands were shown in the image because I was probably going to be wrong.
    This was taken from the northwest end of Galiano Island, looking west, so that might actually be Reid Island in the foreground, then Thetis, then Vanc. Island.

  9. Daniel Mosquin

    Actually, I’ll change my reply a bit – I think it’s most likely Reid + Thetis + Vanc. Island.

  10. maureen

    Just back from a two week trip to find this gorgeous photo, Daniel. Thanks for sharing it. My sister lives on Vancouver Island … she’s lucky.

  11. Bruce Dancik

    You’re probably aware of this reference, Daniel, but just in case you aren’t, there is a nice summary of past and present big Douglas-firs (and other west coast giants) in Robert Van Pelt’s 2001 book,”Forest giants of the Pacific coast” (Global Forest Society in association with Univ. of Washington Press).

  12. Mary Ann, in Toronto

    Beautiful. I’ve spent some time, on several occasions, around the Gulf Islands, and have very happy memories of this gorgeous part of the world.

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