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  1. George L. in Vermont

    I just love this plant! It just glows with mystery, presence,and deep evolutionary time!
    Wonderful photo! Thank you David Tarrant! It is such a gift to connect with continental connection and diversity through these pages; the colloquy of family and genus echoing from these Vermont hills all the way to San Miquel de Allende.

  2. Elaine Chrysler

    it is a beautiful plant, the yellow flower. it keeps blooming all summer. several years ago my landlord brought dirt from his yard and built up part of my yard, that summer I had several of these come up. it was a mystery to me what they were, I asked my mother who has a lot of plant books she couldn’t find it either. we bought a house last year, no sign of this plant, I put in a garden and two of these plants came up. I left them because they are so pretty but if you get near them they do hurt bad. I am so happy you put them on here so the mystery is solved at last.

  3. Joe

    Two things. A few places show the distribution of this plant as Mexico through BC but not anywhere off the continent. However, I did see it on a list of plants of Hawaii. Can anybody confirm or deny its presence there? It seems like it could be pretty dangerous to such a naive ecosystem.
    Also, in my brief research, i couldn’t find any info on the fruits of this plant. They wouldn’t happen to be edible in any way would they?

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Well, there are specimens collected from Hawaii, so it must occur there – non-native, though.
    From what I can find, the fruit isn’t edible. I wouldn’t say that’s an absolute answer, though – but nor would I try one out.

  5. Robert Hill

    We encountered this plant this past summer in our
    garden in Ottawa. It was suggested by a local
    naturalist that we press a leaf for positive I.D.
    Later I found the leaf and upon handling it was
    impaled in my middle finger of my right hand with a very painfull thorn, which I am up until now unable to dislodge. My question is “How long will
    it take my body to get rid of the thorn on it’s
    own? Is surgery suggested?

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