3 responses to “Ramaria stricta”

  1. Lida

    Thanks for your photo. Today I found a bunch of these under the lilacs in my back yard, and used your picture to identify what they are. I looked for “coral mushroom” on google because that’s what they look like.

  2. sanjeev koul

    Dear Sir,
    I am also doing reasearch work on mushroom diversity in J&K INDIA. But i am not able to some of the members of clavaria. Please tell me the right source through which i could identify .Because when i go through literature of India so i am in doubt they may be new species. Kindly help me
    with regards
    sanjeev koul
    Department of Botany
    University of Jammu, Jammu india

  3. David

    i found this coral fungus utop of a rotting stump of a redwood tree. its about 3 and a half inchest tall and 3-4 inches wide. is it edible? i know where a bunch are and i wanted to know if it is ok to eat them for nutritous perpopses.

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