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  1. Mike Bush

    To most of us, mistletoe is a bundle of odd green leaves with clear-white berries sold for fun at the holidays. THIS mistletoe, however is AMAZING.
    I traveled to the Yucatan’ in 1980 and was totally flummoxed at what an orange-flowering tree might be. In fact, it was a stout gumbo-limbo (Bursera) festooned with flowering Psittacanthus!
    Great flashback. Thanks to all.
    Mike Bush

  2. elizabeth a airhart

    are there any old prints
    martin heade would have
    painted this one i just
    am impressed with the photo
    are they sold in stores
    come christmas or on the
    do not touch list
    thank you

  3. lucia

    Beautiful flower, vista de lejos es similar a Pyrostegia ignea.

  4. Manish

    can u give me any information about the relationship between sunbirds and these plants???

  5. victor nuñez

    ¿tienes información sobre el uso medicinal sobre esta planta? ¿Sabes donde la puedo conseguir?

  6. Dan Nickrent

    This is Psittacanthus calyculatus. You can see more photos of this species (and others in the genus) on the Parasitic Plant Connection

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