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  1. fotrristi

    Really beautiful photo! I love green and this texture looks great.

  2. van

    Gorgeous photo.

  3. Eric in SF

    Daniel – you’re quite welcome!
    Through a fairly long internal dialogue/thought process, I got a new pocket digital camera and one of the first places I wanted to try it out was all the local and regional farmer’s markets. There will be lots more coming as the harvest kicks in and we start seeing more and more things.

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Well, now – I am curious about that. What made you get the new camera? Tired of lugging the big camera around? I noted the new camera (believe it or not) on the file data. I’ve been considering doing the very same thing myself, so I’m wondering what prompted the decision (and are you happy with it?). Quality seems excellent.

  5. Eric in SF

    You asked for it! Here goes! =)
    My dSLR, the D80, takes great shots – I’ve been extremely happy with it since I got it.
    Three problems with it:
    #1 I currently have no wide-angle lens, and the one I want is $1200.
    #2 Carrying a “big” camera closes doors to photography, at least in a crowded urban city. People see a “professional” camera and they change their behaviour or even ask me to not take photos.
    #3 Like many others, the added weight of a dSLR makes me not want to carry it with me all the time.
    I had an existing pocket digital camera, but I was not satisfied with the image quality. After researching, I discovered the Canon SD700 IS was getting consistently high image quality ratings. Unfortunately, it is a discontinued model, and the follow up models have received poor image quality ratings. The reduced image quality in the 7, 8, and 10 megapixel models today is not unexpected, as it’s fairly clear by now that the tiny image sensors found in pocket digital cameras really can’t be pushed past 6 megapixels.
    I finally found the camera on eBay, paid the outrageous ground shipping, and spent the weekend shooting the markets!

  6. elizabeth a airhart

    thank you eric i have so many images
    to look at on your web site and enjoy
    thank you for the camera talk
    as i have said before you help me
    go around the world meet so many
    interesting people

  7. Cyndy Henderson

    Looks inviting enough to chop up and add to a green salad!

  8. Gena Fleming

    Gorgeous photo… but I’m really more interested in the plant info! Where was the M. charantia hybrid developed, what was it hybridized with? It does look significantly different than others, with the bumps that are spiked. They almost look like fish!

  9. Bill Doumas

    I’m interested in learning how to prepare this vegetable for eating.

  10. Elvie

    What’s for? A quoi ca sert? Respond in french if possible, please.

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