Unidentified Algae

Today’s image is courtesy of bbum@Flickr, aka Bill from San Jose, California (original via BPotD Flickr Group Pool). Thank you!

If you’d like a challenge, try identifying this species of alga (I wasn’t able to do it with an hour of searching, but then again, I’m not a phycologist!).

Unidentified Algae

4 responses to “Unidentified Algae”

  1. Eric Simpson

    Just as a guess, I’d say it’s an Ulva species.

  2. Charlie Seablom

    I asked a friend who is quite good at seaweed identification and she suggested Mazzaella cornucopiae. Here is a link to a couple more photos:

  3. fungi99

    my guess goes for Ulva Lactuca…but it’s just a guess

  4. Anthony

    Whatever it is, it looks tasty!

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