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  1. Karen Newbern

    I thought orchids were a strange group, but this genus is much more bizarre! Thanks so much for sharing these weird and wonderful flowers.

  2. Tracy D

    Hi There,
    I just acquired a beautiful Black Bat Plant. This plant stands about 90cm from ground to top leaf. I would like any information you have to make sure this wonderful plant stays with me. I live on the GoldCoast and it gets rather steamy here so the plant will like this. The information out there conflicts whether the plant stays inside or goes outside. Are you able to shed some light on this at all?
    Many Thanks

  3. paolo fuentes

    i live in the philippines, so i dont encounter these kind of temperature / climate problems.
    here in my place i have the tacca palmata blume
    and the tacca chantrieri a. like the one above
    here theyre not very difficult to grow!
    they like moist soil due to their very succulent
    stems and leaves..
    remember when watering!
    the soil should always be moist but not soaking
    humidity is around 50-70%
    soil should be mixture of loam (good garden soil)
    and lots of shredded tree fern roots and dry leaves,try adding rice hull if it’s available at your place!
    anyway high humidity for germinating seeds is a must i guess…but here in my garden they grow like weeds!
    i hope you would be able to read this tracy

  4. YT

    A magnificant plant.

  5. Robyn O'Hanlon

    Hi fellow planters!
    My Tacca chantrieri has given me 3 seed pods, now what do I do with them? I am over joyed!
    Help! I don’t want to Kill them!
    Sunshine Coast Qld.

  6. Judy

    I have bought seeds for White, Black & Brown and have had them in soil, moist zip lock bag for 2 months. Does anyone know what the germination is on these seeds?

  7. Judy

    Hi, it’s me again 🙂 I also have a White Bat Plant, have a Black bulb in the pot, but, does anyone know where to get a Brown Bat Plant or bulb?
    Also how old will the plant be before it gets flowers?

  8. Manuel Teixeira

    I have bouth today the plant Tacca Chantrieri, in time I went to the Nursery, soon i sow the flower i like them.
    I ask, can the plant do well in north of Portugal?

  9. Lisa

    i have one TACCA CHANTRIERI who i bye recently and i wonder if some one can give me some fact aboute it??
    i live in Sweden.
    i think this plant is wonderful so i would be wery greateful fore some fact.

  10. mariza frazzato

    boa tarde a todos, moro aqui no brazile conheci essa planta pela internet, acho que foi paixão a 1. vista, nossa que coisa mais linda, e gostaria muito de saber se tem alguem que pudesse me ajudar a conseguir uma muda, visto que por aqui não tem , por enquanto so encontrei a semente em um vendedor que mora no Rio de janeiro.
    fico no aguardo de uma resposta
    obrigada a todos ,
    mariza frazzato.

  11. Peter

    I know of one person who successfully germinated the seed by keeping it on a heated and constantly watered germination table. I have tried without the heating table without success. Another person told me he was successful after giving the seed to his pet rats to eat and then spreading the droppings into a moist seed planter and kept moist and in the sun. I have also been told you cannot use the seed pods until they have gone softish. I have not been successful yet so I would like other ideas and suggestions.

  12. Vye

    I plan to buy some Tacca seed this year and start them in my greenhouse. I have a heated sand germination table that I will use – also will keep humid as in germination of most seed. My question is – does the seed require any pre-sowing treatment? eg – scaring, pre-soaking, temperature changes, etc.
    Also, I live on Vancouver Island in Canada – thus am wondering about winter care and if this plant will do well in a large pot.
    Thanks for any and all information.

  13. Wanda

    Can I grow a tacca chantrieri in a pot? It is too cold here in southern Indiana to plant it outside. Wanda

  14. joan jenkyn

    does anyone know if you can feed the bat plant with liquid fertiliser. Answer to the question of can you grow one in a pot ?–yes you can I have one quite large in a huge pot & it is doing very well inside in the bathroom where it gets filtered sun.

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