5 responses to “Stachys ‘Hidalgo’”

  1. Eric in SF

    So if it’s a hybrid/cultivar, do we know the species making up the hybrid/cultivar? Or is it just the general “Horticultural Origin”?
    The photo itself is really nice – emphasizes the subject while presenting a pleasing window onto a bright and colorful garden.

  2. maureen

    ooooo — I want that plant in my garden? Does anyone know if Hidalgo self-seeds as prolifically as Stachys lantana does?

  3. Margaret-Rae Davis

    This the most beautiful Stachys I have ever seen. I only have Stachys albotomentosa which is small and has pale yellow flowers. Thank you for such a lovely photo.

  4. fotrristi

    WOW! It’s lovely, must get one and it’s a stunning shot too!

  5. Edward

    I had this plant in my container garden for several years. Best plant ever. And hummingbirds adore it. =^)

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