8 responses to “Matelea pilosa”

  1. Monika Fahrnberger

    What a marvellous picture of a great plant! Thank you so much for sharing…

  2. George L. in Vermont

    Wonderful picture. What an amazing beast! Interesting texture to the large petals, or perhaps they are sepals. I did an image search for ‘matelea’ and found another species with strongly textured, tough looking petals/sepals and one with a very hairy surface to the same surfaces. Daniel or anyone else know what the unusual textures in this genus are thought to be about, anti-dessication, whatever? Thanks, David for the powerful image!

  3. Andrea

    So we could name this the “chocolate milkvine” and no one could argue?

  4. Jaro

    Resembles a stapelia…. is it also smelly ?

  5. Margaret-Rae Davis

    Thank you for such a lovely picture. It is so nice to enjoy such beauty and to be learning at the same time. The un-opened flower resembles the common Bloon flower grow in gardens in this part of western Massachusette.
    Very nice, Margaret-Rae

  6. Blanche

    Thanks so much for the picture. The flowers look a little like the flowers an odd looking plant I have here look. Nice to see something new.

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    Hi George, I’m afraid I don’t know the details of the flower texture. I had a look through Zomlefer’s Guide to Flowering Plant Families and didn’t come up with anything that was suggestive. Dessication shouldn’t be an issue in the subtropical / tropical climates the genus is found in.

    Jaro, I don’t know about the smell, either. Maybe David will post a reply.

    And Andrea, if you want to call it chocolate milkvine, I don’t think anyone could complain too vociferously. It sure resembles chocolate.

  8. Oscar Baez

    Me gustaria agradecer por la determinacion de la especie, ya que hace 3 años, en Leon Guanajuato, encontre la misma especie, en un matorral subtropical con elementos de Bosque Tropical Caducifolio, y solicite ayuda para su determinacion, pero no logre llegar hasta la especie.
    Yo tengo una foto tambien pero no tan buena como la tuya…

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