14 responses to “Couroupita guianensis”

  1. George L. in Vermont

    Love the nacreous gleam on the buds and the gentle translucence of the open flowers, whose “sweet aroma…is strongest in the early morning..bees visiting the flowers as early as 5:00 a.m.” The links are very cool; the photo of the hefty fruit and flowers appearing together amongst the tentacle-like fall of bare, hanging branches. The fruit drop when ripe, the seeds embedded in pulp which ‘oxidises blue-green when exposed to air’. What an amazing tropical beast of a tree! Thank you Dinesh and Daniel!

  2. maureen

    ooooo – dreamy photo. sculptural plant. Beautiful — thanks for posting this photo by Dinesh — and for the fascinating links, Daniel.

  3. Dinesh Valke

    Thank you very much, Daniel; I feel proud about this picture having made it to UBC – Botany Photo of the Day !!

  4. Emma

    A simply lovely flower and photograph. Thank you.

  5. E. Marie Robertson

    Nice job Dinesh! Gorgeous photography, super composition, lush and lovely colors!

  6. bev

    Beautiful photo.

  7. Margaret-Rae Davis

    How wonderful to see this beautiful picture. I really enjoy seeing trees and plants for other parts of the world. The colours are so pleasing.

  8. Dinesh Valke

    Thanks very much to all of you: George, Maureen, Emma, Marie, Bev, Margaret-Rae Davis for appreciating the picture.
    – Dinesh

  9. Anthony

    Beautiful flower, very elegant photo. I particularly like the reflections of light on the buds in the background.

  10. Otto

    Gracias por esta excelente foto yo tengo un arbol pero no florece aun.

  11. Flavia Bernard

    You photo is great. Only yesterday I photographed the fruit and flower of this unusual looking tree at our Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies. I am told it is rare; just 2 trees are known to be on the island. The fruit is literally like a cannonball; real heavy. Will send my photo too.

  12. joseph mathew

    Beatiful and wonderfull photo

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