12 responses to “Cleistocactus strausii”

  1. Heather

    Thank you for offering the Botany Photo of the Day. =o)

  2. bobbie

    I just have to comment on this strange creature. The hair and the red flowers just add to the weirdness. It looks very similar to the “old man” cactus in New Mexico. All in all, it is different!

  3. bobbie

    The “Old Man” cactus is Cephalocereus senilis, no wonder it looks similar.

  4. elizabeth a airhart

    pass this up
    and did you find the above in
    land of darth varder
    these are for stories
    and someone just has to put them
    in a movie just what are
    seeing talking about
    thank you great fun
    first of the week

  5. Roberta

    At first glance, I thought this was a chicken and thought, “Why are they putting animals on a botanical site?” (My computer is slow.)

  6. Beverley

    Cleistocactus strausii – Z9 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths
    Cleistocactus strausii – min 10 degrees C/50 degrees F – A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Brickell, Cole, Zuk
    Cleistocactus klay-sto-kak-tus. From Gk. kleistos [closed] and Cactus q.v., the flowers are tubular and nearly closed at the mouth. strausii strows-ee-ee After Strauss. Dictionary of Plant Names, Coombes.

  7. George L. in Vermont

    High altitude cacti – very cool. I seem to remember some wonderful footage on a long ago Nova program – Hummingbirds feeding from these flowers during the day and then settling down to torpor (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torpor) to get through the sub-freezing nights. Time lapse of the morning sun moving down the spires and melting the frost as well as showing the hummers arousing from torpor. What an amazing world up there! (down here too!).
    There were also some great shots of Darth Vader flying by on a chicken…

  8. scytale

    I thought it was a new improved “Dalek”.

  9. Margaret-Rae Davis

    Wow what an interesting plant. At a quick look it looked like some sort of an animal. I really look forward to seeing different pictures.
    Thank you for such a nice picture.

  10. M.D. Vaden of Oregon

    At first, I thought they were finger puppets.
    Good photo, thanks !!

  11. maureen

    looks like a creature from a Dr. Seuss book. Really cool plant!

  12. Kelley Macdonald

    There is a debate going on that Cleistocactus with the straight edged flowers like this one is really Cleistocactus nivosus not C. strausii or are the 2 really 1 in the same. Anyone have knowledge or opinions on this? Thanks

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