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  1. Sue in Bremerton WA

    Oh, my goodness. What a beautiful creation!


    Hi daniel it’s nice to share this information moreso in medical part of the plant.
    Aloe species are known to have a broadspectrum of curative ingridients.
    For more information, one can contact me. My E-mail address is tonimuteria@yahoo.com

  3. Anthony

    I used to have one of these growing in a large pot in my house. I had to reluctantly dispose of it because it was causing too many injuries (mostly to myself).

  4. Jah Waine

    Very powerful plant with miraculous healing properties. I distribute products for haircare, skin care, bath care, and physical health care from this plant. Twenty two times more potent than Aloe Vera, and is known as the grandfather of all Aloes.

  5. Sharon Bernhardt

    I live in Hennops River, slightly SW of Pretoria, which is well-known for all our aloes. I have noticed in the last couple of years that I have lost at least 12 aloes in my garden. The heads seem to rot at the heart and fall off, leaving the ‘stalk’ sadly standing on it own. Please tell me why this is happening and will they survive through this? Is is due to all the rain we have had in the last couple of years? Is there anything I can do to preserve the last of the aloes that I have?

  6. Muhammed Yaameen Suliman

    Quintessentially South African. A plant with a unique character and an air of mystery and charm surrounding it. I think it’s so absolutely cool and to think it’s so weirdly wonderfull…. freaky! Does anybody know of some Khoisan myths about this plant?

  7. leo

    omg that is a beauty

  8. glynneric

    i have found one of these broken off at the trunk / ground level.Plant is 7 feet tall from broken point(ground level) to tip.Trunk is appx 8 inch in diameter.I soaked it in water for two weeks then planted in soil. Had to unearth it to move(weight 120lbs.Again I soaked trunk and then I removed saturated trunk portion,which was molding.Ithen replnted it.Is there any more i shoud do.

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