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  1. Earl

    What a pleasent surprise this morning to see my photo. Thank you for your research to identify this beautiful flower. And yes , I saw you linked to Google (if I Google passiflora miniata your information is available with other information) as in you promote knowledge, information, beauty and passion.
    Earl B

  2. Earl

    And I should have added the information you posted on Google is now the standard of internet search short of buying a $54.00 book.
    Earl B.
    Taylors, S.C.

  3. van

    Stunningly beautiful flower. I have such a weakness for the red passiflora.

  4. max

    The thing that amazes me after reading that description is this species’s taxonomic distance from P. manicata, which looks incredible similar (except for the coronal filaments).

  5. Eric in SF

    I don’t have the MacDougal Passiflora book with me at work, but if memory serves me, P. manicata is a bird pollinated species and P. miniata is bee pollinated.

  6. Libby Blackstock

    Grandpa, Thank you for posting such a beautiful picture and encouraging my interest in nature. With love,
    Your grandaughter Libby Blackstock

  7. Lee

    Ooo-h! Aaa-h!

  8. max

    Credit where due: Ulmer and MacDougal write in the English ed. of their passionflower book (2004): “Different forms of P. coccinea seem to exceed the limits of normal variability.” Not the same as sorting it out conclusively, but there has clearly been some suspicion about this species for some time.

  9. Alexander Jablanczy

    About bees and hornets not whore nets I was actually thrilled to see a yellow black diptera buzzing me on my rear steps as I havent seen any nor have I heard any songbirds nor frogs.
    Silent spring indeed. We wont call any exterminator even if its wasps as the extermination of wildlife is absolutely horrific.
    Flowers will clearly disappear without pollinators and all fruits and berries are doomed as well.

  10. Lucy

    So I have a question: can you eat the fruits of Passiflora miniata?

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