7 responses to “Laminaria setchellii”

  1. Katy S

    Superb images – I particularly like the first one.

  2. Laura

    The kelp in the first photo especially, looks like a metal sculpture – WOW!! Fantastic abstracts!!!

  3. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks – what I find interesting, though, is that the prominent abstraction here is how the photograph was framed. For the most part, it is a literal view – if you were to create a small window by placing the tip of your forefinger into the fold of skin between your forefinger and thumb, and then gazing through, this is what you would see.

  4. E. Marie Robertson

    Actually, Daniel, I think that the fact that it is essentially a literal view makes it additionally powerful. Too many people think “abstraction” is equivalent to some kind of human intervention and requires tricky camera-wiggling or (worse still) the application of Photoshop to achieve. In fact, the most stunning abstraction is simply a way of calling attention to what is right in front of us. That’s what a lot of my artwork is about, and I get asked all the time about my “process:” people think the work has been digitally altered, when in fact my process is “film, light, camera, shoot, develop, print, period.”
    These are terrific images!

  5. van

    Beautifully composed. I’m enjoying this marine series.

  6. Meg Bernstein

    It’s great to see these photos of algae. Keep them coming–fascinating.

  7. Theresa

    Umm umm…looks like chocolate!

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