7 responses to “Iris laevigata ‘Royal Cartwheel’”

  1. Brent

    Simply put, this has been my favourite Iris cultivar in the botanical garden for many years.

  2. bev

    That is the most incredible blue in a photo I have ever seen. Does digital do blue better than film, which always had a bad rep for not capturing it?
    Or you can adjust the color to match what your eye is seeing? (you can tell I’m not a photographer….)

  3. van

    In my experience, some digital sensors make blue more blue (Olympus), and some make it more purple (Canon).

  4. Eric in SF

    The color space used to take the photo also has an effect on blues/purples. I’ve settled on Adobe IIIa as my default color space and blues are REALLY good with it. Adobe II made the blues purple – very frustrating.
    I really like the bokeh and overall feel of the first one and the second is in line with Daniel’s wonderful abstract style.

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    I agree re: how different cameras treat colours. I did have to adjust the reds and blues in the first to get it to more closely resemble the true blue of the iris, as it did come out purple at first (using a Canon camera). The second one, since it is abstract, I didn’t play around with as much.

  6. phillip

    …nothing like an iris…
    you learn something new every day… of the photos i’ve taken of my heavenly blue morning glories….none have never shown the true blue of what i perceive…i always thought it was the film…i have a little cannon EOS500…can true blue be achieved with film ?

  7. knox m henry

    To Phillip re true blue on film – are you using Kodachrome? I personally find it gives the closest colour reproduction. All others tend to over or under-emhasize colours, especially the blue hues.

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