3 responses to “Hypericum perforatum”

  1. Aseneta

    I love this plant! It is such a medicine!
    When flowers are kept in olive oil for 30 to 40 days exposed to sun, the oil turns red, and it is the best medicine for burns, wounds (taking out pass from infected wounds, and helping the wound to heal incredably faster). It can also be used for internal use. It helps with gastric. It can be taken as a tea (dry flowers boiled in hot water), or one spoon of it daily would do the job. It cures mild depressions, soothes nervous system, helps with hypertension.
    Thank you for this beautiful photograph of my favourite plant!

  2. lina

    they are so profetional Ill put them in my thesis
    thanx a lot

  3. Irma

    In Sweden this is used to make a good digestive schnaps called “Hirkum pirkum”
    The recepie as follows: Pick flowers and buds. Put them in a small jar and add vodka so that it covers the flowers. Let it stand for about a week. Turn the jar daily
    Strain the flowers in a coffeefilter and put the liquid in a bottle. It is STRONG! To drink take a small amount and add more vodka for a schnaps
    The extract will improve with age but the clear red colour will go more brownish in time
    This is just one way of using berries and herbs to make good tasting schnaps. Just make sure the ingredient you use is edible and not poisonous. To much drink can impair your health but a little schnaps can improve your health

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