8 responses to “Digitalis purpurea”

  1. maureen

    Digitalis is one of the very few plants we can grow in our gardens here in Montana, that the deer do not eat. A bonus is that it’s so lovely to look at.

  2. Souren

    I couldn’t help chuckling when I saw today’s photo. Foxgloves grow like weeds in our corner of north-east Hampshire (sandy acid soils). But I agree they are beautiful. My wife did worry about the kids’ safety with these all over the garden, but we settled on the default that life can never be risk-free, and Darwinian principles will determine whether the children survive. Besides, I collect Aconites as well! 🙂
    But anyway, I have found the varieties of Digitalis fascinating. Even the variety of D. purpurea… I noted in this month’s BBC Gardeners’s World magazine, a new introduction with unusually up-turned flowers, D. p. ‘Candy Mountain’. Seeds available from Thompson & Morgan, http://www.thompson-morgan.com.
    Long live BPotD!

  3. martensm

    Thank you. I have planted a Foxglove, about two years ago in my raised flower bed. It never did flower, when I see how beautiful it is, I will try again next year. martensm

  4. Noadi

    I love foxglove, I’ve grown it in my garden for several years now. Hummingbirds just love them. Aside from how pretty the flowers in this photo are I’m just drawn to the rocks, their texture and the moss just contrasts with the delicacy of the flowers so well.

  5. Michael F

    Who put the megaliths there?

  6. Daniel Mosquin

    The megaliths were placed by the artist behind Stoneworld, Steve Ocsko. I believe he was one of the Sopron-UBC foresters: Hungarian refugees celebrate 50th anniversary of arrival at UBC.

  7. juniper

    The way the plants & rocks complement each other is memorable & beautiful. Leads one’s thoughts away…

  8. Andy Simko

    I found some digitalis growing along the side of a trail when we were camping in the Adirondacks. I saved some seeds, (half of the seeds I gather I never get to plant) Started them & planted the seedlings in my front beds. They grew so nicely & they reseed themselves every year. Quite enjoyable.

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