5 responses to “Rosa ‘Ausmas’”

  1. Beverley

    Rosa ‘Ausmas’ – Z5-9 – Kemper Center for Home Gardening

  2. Lorraine E.

    This photograph was taken by my mother, Claire E., of Seattle, Washington. The rose is from her garden.

  3. plantle

    Thet’s weird they say on the fact sheet that the variety is GRAHAM THOMAS, what’s ‘Ausmas’ in that case. It sounds pretty much like Latvian (that’d be of dawn), I thought they never did rose cultivation to any greater extent in Latvia..

  4. Laura Wah

    Beautiful! I wish I could SMELL it!!!

  5. Irma in Sweden

    The name/designation “Ausmas” is the “name” used by the breeder during the early stages when the rose is developed. When it is ready to launch to the market it is usually given a proper name like Graham Thomas or some other worthy cause. AUS is short for Austin roses like HAR tells us that it is bred by Harkness

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