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  1. bev

    Wow, Daniel! This is another wonderful photo! If it doesn’t take too long to explain, what is the visual difference produced by taking a photo in infrared rather than black and white? I am a total photo novice and this looks like black and white to me. Thanks,

  2. Katy Sommerville

    Extraordinary image. Thank you Daniel.

  3. Cliff

    This is a wonderful photograph.
    If any other viewer is interested in an ezplaination of Infrared photography they might want to take a look at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infrared_photography

  4. Aida

    Another stunning photograph. Infrared has given this photo the drama of black/white and still left the sky blue. Love your composition; even though your horizon divides the photo in half it works because the clouds balance the rhythm of the grounds. Lovely.

  5. Emily Emery

    I grew up just a few miles away from Palouse. It’s too bad you didn’t post a picture of Palouse Falls. It’s like a hidden secret in these hills, along with the Marmus man. This furtile land has been farmed for many years, lots of “sweat equity”. I now live in Bethel, Alaska and miss the rolling hills. Thanks for posting these memories.

  6. Daniel Mosquin

    Emily, I’ve added an infrared photograph of Palouse Falls to my Flickr account just now.

  7. Beth

    Daniel, great Palouse photos!
    I went to school at U of ID and have very fond memories of the Palouse hills. Your photos are among the best I’ve seen. This infrared one is wonderful! Have just found more of your photos on flickr.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Jason Leary

    That almost silvery purple is amazing !

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