4 responses to “Mitella stauropetala”

  1. maureen

    wow! what an awesome flower! …. makes getting down on hands and knees and crawling around in the wet grass worth it. beautiful pic, Daniel, btw.

  2. Elaine Chrysler

    this plant is so very interesting!! the variety of the plant was not too much different until I came to the last picture which was very different. I have never seen a flower like this one before.

  3. Ron B

    Characteristic of moist forests, often seen beside the trail once you get above low elevations. However, I have also encountered M. caulescens in two cool streamside sites east and north of Seattle, the latter not far north of my place of residence. Both locations were recorded by Jacobson, WILD PLANTS OF GREATER SEATTLE (p. 431).

  4. Earl Blackstock

    An awesome gift of beauty that will keep on giving. Thank you so very much!!!
    Earl Blackstock

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