4 responses to “Fruit Medley”

  1. Karen Vaughan

    It looks to me like service berries, blueberries, I don’t know what and a yellow raspberry. Any guesses?

  2. Arvind Pujari

    The juicy fresh fruits are very attractive. I don’t know of which species these are but in tropics such brightly colourful attractive fruits are usualy poisonous. be careful.

  3. Kitty LaBounty

    The yellow berry looks like a salmonberry to me. Rubus spectablis has both red and yellow-orange berries in southeastern Alaska.

  4. Eric La Fountaine

    Codiferous names the plants that the berries come from,”From top to bottom: black huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum), Alaskan huckleberry (Vaccinium alaskaense), clasping-leaved twisted stalk (Streptopus a[m]plexicaulis), and salmonberry (Rubus spectabilis.
    Whether the Streptopus is edible is debatable (some say it tastes like watermelon, others say it is poisonous.) The other three are all definitely edible and enjoyed by many in the region.

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