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    Im a Kenyan, 22 yrs old doing Diploma in Organic Agriculture
    and i’m much intrested about what UBC is doing.I’m
    quite thankful for the mails you send to me every day.I would like to paticipate in your work so that those people who appreciate UBC can have atleast a hint of what is in KENYA and in East Africa.
    Please send me the necessary requirements and procedures which i can follow to become part of those whose photos appear day to day.
    Also please i would like to know how people value Organic Agriculture in your locality because in Kenya it has not yet gotten a way out.

  2. Vicki Tran

    Thanks for the information you provided on Bromus tectorum. I first noticed them on a drive through Arizona to the Grand Canyon, last summer. I wondered if they were native to Arizona. Now, I have noticed them all over California. My next thought was whether they were an invasive species and just how competative were they? You really managed to answer all my questions quite thoroughly. Thanks again.

  3. La Belle Urbanec

    I am finishing up a class titled “Restoring Landscapes” where we learned about this invasive, and others. Great pictures of a familiar sight!

  4. fotrristi

    It’s quite funny to read about this plant being invasive. In my part of Sweden it’s very rare and it’s a delight to find it. My first find was on a small train station and the second time in an area of newly seeded grass (to become a lawn). Both times it was quite a bit of happiness amongst the people involved in the ‘Sörmlands-flora’ project. As you can see both times it was in a ‘disturbed’ environment. Funny what different reactions a species can bring. I love it and grow it together with other rare Bromus-species in my garden ;). No problems with it being invasive – more of it disappearing and me having to collect new seeds.
    Also, as being Swedish, it’s nice to see how everybody is remembering Linné (Linnaeus) – not just us.

  5. braus

    Would love to be added to your daily mailing list.

  6. Daniel Mosquin

    braus, thanks for your interest. Please visit the main Botany Photo of the Day page and subscribe via the form in the upper right corner.

  7. bonniel

    Don’t worry, the goats love it. Never got over an inch tall.

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