8 responses to “Arisaema sikokianum”

  1. Aida

    Again, another beautiful photograph. Those of us who have tried to photograph a jack, can appreciate how difficult it is to crouch down on the ground to get this magnificent plant all in one plane so that most of it is in focus. You’ve done it … quite well. Thank you for another great specimen and a fantastic photo. Aida

  2. abdullah nayeer


  3. Gail Moshier

    Wonderful closeup, Daniel. Your site continues to brighten my mornings, thanks for all you do!!!!

  4. dori

    this one is even better than 2004.

  5. Ron B

    I like the appearance of this species except for the bulbousness of the top of the spadix, which bugs me. Too much like a microphone or a person’s head?

  6. Meighan

    Such an interesting plant! Really great photo Daniel.

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    Aida – a hint for photographing Arisaema in the future, if you have a SLR camera (and the space). Use a telescopic zoom lens with a long focal length and photograph some distance away from the plant – this has a compression effect that allows you to get most of the plant in the photo while eliminating surrounding clutter. I’ll see if I can find an article about it sometime soon.

  8. maureen

    This is such a sensual plant! Excellent photo, Daniel.

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