7 responses to “Anagallis arvensis”

  1. Beverley

    Anagallis arvensis – Z7 – RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths
    Anagallis arvensis – hardy to Z7 and not frost tender – Plants For A Future database

  2. Meighan

    Wow, the colours are stunning!

  3. Ron B

    Described elsewhere as an annual. One that popped up here once didn’t persist. The small flowers are solitary and do not make a show. They also open only during bright conditions.

  4. Earl Blackstock

    This photo,like so many other Botany Photos of the Day, is stunningly beautiful. Thank you!!!!
    Earl B.

  5. elizabeth

    Phenominal! I love how the pollen has dusted off on the petal… Such a swirl of stunning sunset hues!

  6. dr. vaneet jishtu

    Anagalis arvensis belongs to the Primulaceae family and not Myrsinaceae; moreover the flower colour is bright blue.

  7. Daniel Mosquin

    Myrsinaceae via the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group.
    Re: the flower colour – some cultivars, perhaps, are that colour, but in English the common name is scarlet pimpernel, implying the colour above.

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