Tulipa ‘Ile de France’

A change of plans on the weekend yielded an opportunity to attend the 24th Annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival near the Mount Vernon / Burlington area of Washington. Fortune favoured me for once, and I toured while the flowers were at their peak. Tulipa ‘Ile de France’ was one of about four dozen cultivars of tulips that could be seen in the fields, bordered by hundreds of people. Though I didn’t photograph during my preferred times of the day (i.e., early morning and late evening), the weather was in my favour – cloudy with sunny breaks provided light that was suitable for midday photography as it gave a changing environment of soft diffuse light and harsh direct light. The latter is usually not so desirable, but with tulips, it is an opportunity to take photographs with backlighting. Today’s photograph is one of 381 that survived my first round of discarding lower-quality shots.

‘Ile de France’ is a multi-use tulip; it is suitable for cut flowers, bedding plantings or container plantings. It was my favourite of the day; since the bulbs can be planted close together, the effect of the mass planting was a solid ribbon of red which I found very appealing (other cultivars require more space between individuals, so the en masse colouration was not as dense).

Although some of the tulips in the fields are sold as cut flowers, much of the field production of tulips in this instance are sold as bulbs.

Tulipa 'Ile de France'

8 responses to “Tulipa ‘Ile de France’”

  1. Bill

    Now that’s a lovely photo.
    I wanted to go to this year’s festival, but just couldn’t find the time. Maybe next year.

  2. bruce

    I’ve been waiting for this photo, I knew the festival was on, and the tulips everywhere are gorgeous this week, thanks for the wonderful images.
    Bruce, Delta B.C.

  3. Ginny Remeika

    Thanks for this! Here in Maine we still have snow on the ground and certainly no tulips, at least outside. Encouraging to know Spring is somewhere!

  4. David Goodyke

    have you posted you other photos of this anywhere? I would love to see more!

  5. Daniel Mosquin

    Hi David,
    No, not yet – I’ve been thinking about how to do it – I don’t want to do a BPotD series, for lack of variation in writing (plus there are some exceptional images from others just asking to be posted). Maybe I’ll do a forum thread with some extra images when I can find a spot of time.

  6. Meg Bernstein

    How lovely, and a sight for sore eyes back here where the Nor’easter just dumped so much snow. How nice to see that it’s April somewhere.

  7. bruce

    post them on flickr

  8. Daniel Mosquin

    Yeah, I might do that.

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