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  1. Sarah Dixon

    Hi Daniel – our roadside verges in the UK are currently gay with countless dandelions, a great succession to the daffodils that are just over. What an under-rated plant – if it was only more difficult to grow it would be a highly desirable garden plant!

  2. Big Al

    Officinale shows it was a medecinal plant? If so the common name “Pissabed”, gives it’s use, I read somewhere that the common french name had a similar connotation. So does this effect linger in “Dandelion Wine”?

  3. Eric in SF

    I noticed First Flower in my TiVo – will make a point to watch it now!

  4. Daniel Mosquin

    Al, I corrected the spelling on the common name you suggested, in accordance with the spelling of the term on Wikipedia (and pretty much everywhere else on the web that references it that way). No idea re: the wine – I’ve only tried it once, a long time ago.

  5. hfay

    I watched “The First Flower”. Aside from the interesting science, the wealth of recognizable garden flowers growing wild in China in a small area beside the road was totally amazing! I highly recommend watching!

  6. Michael F

    Some botanists split it up into numerous apomictic microspecies – 250 of them in Britain alone!

  7. elizabeth

    Close your Eyes…
    Make a Wish…
    Then Blow!

  8. Belinda Eastmond

    I agree with Sarah – I love dandelions! But the neighbors don’t appreciate them, for some reason. So I found a solution when my children were little – I sent them out every morning to gather up all the new dandelion blooms for a fresh bouquet for my kitchen counter!

  9. Síabhra

    I too love the little common weed… Taraxacum! I have the neighborhood 7 & 8 year olds help me collect them at a penny a flower, ten leaves equals flower and roots are worth 3 pennies. They all scramble to see who can get the most! I use them to make medicines with… Great Kidney/Liver tonic and great for digestive tonic. I also use them as a diuretic and heart tonic.Helps with keeping the blood pressure down and eliminating excess fluids.
    how could anyone NOT love their happy upward facing sunny faces… my grand son calls them dandy lions…

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