Psidium guajava hybrid

The second last in the series on tropical (and subtropical) fruits is again courtesy of Eric in SF@Flickr (original | BPotD Flickr Group Pool). Another thank you for you, Eric!

Guava is cultivated in tropical regions worldwide, so it is difficult to discern its origin. It is thought to be native to Central America and Mexico. Again, dozens if not hundreds of cultivated varieties exist, hence the addition of the word hybrid to the name. Read more via Fruits of Warm Climates: Psidium guajava.

Psidium guajava hybrid

2 responses to “Psidium guajava hybrid”

  1. Pary

    Is Guajava grown in BOTG?

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    No, we don’t grow it at UBC – no tropical house, unfortunately.

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