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  1. Sarah Dixon

    Congratulations Daniel! Many thanks for your tireless work on this wonderful site, which is very much appreciated by your recipients. Caltha palustris was my first “proper” identification, too; I well remember sitting in a dusty Botany lab at school cutting the flower in half with a scalpel so it could be drawn in section…happy days!

  2. Knox M. Henry

    Congratualations Daniel on your anniversary at the UBC BG. Also a special ‘Thanks’ for your daily faithfulness in providing the BPotD — both photographs and comments. They are most enlightening and assist many of us in expanding our knowledge of the fascinating world of plants. And an indirect, but since ‘Thanks’ to Beverley for so quickly providing the daily hardiness information about the BPotD.

  3. Michael F

    “I’m still waiting for the NPR and BBC interviews to be available online, though. Sean has told me he’s also inquired with Nature re: making the paper available.”
    Thanks! I’ve not heard anything on the radio yet (re BBC interview).

  4. bev

    Congratulations on your seven year anniversary. May you have many more, to your own benefit and ours!

  5. Cyndy Henderson

    Sincere congratulations, Daniel, we appreciate the BPotD so much!! Thank you!

  6. Aida

    Oh, Marsh Marigolds! Beautiful sight after the long winter sleep. In early spring, my hiking buddy, Heidi and I would run to Bronte Creek PP in southern Ontario to check out and photograph to our hearts content the trilliums and the Marsh Marigolds. Now, that I’m a Calgary resident, they are more difficult to find. Thanks Daniel for great photographs, for your seven years of dedication with UBC and sharing this web page with us. Some day I will make it to BC and check your gardens.

  7. Caltha Benitex

    Where I can get see for this plant.
    Many thanks

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