8 responses to “Sarcodes sanguinea”

  1. Katy Sommerville

    What a beautiful little critter. Thank you for sharing something I would otherwise be unlikely to see.

  2. Daniel Mosquin

    *sigh* Sorry that this sent out a notification today (June 18, ’08). I fixed a broken link. Apparently, everytime I make an adjustment to an entry prior to the software upgrade in mid-April, it sends out a new notification.

  3. Knox

    Fascinating. And thanks for the link to Dr. Reveal’s site.

  4. Michael Charters

    The links to Dr. Reveal and his article don’t work.

  5. Norm Jensen

    The link for Dr. Reveal has changed. It is now http://www.plantsystematics.org/reveal/pbio/WWW/cvjlr.html.

  6. Norm Jensen

    And the link for the Sarcodes sanguinea article is http://www.plantsystematics.org/reveal/PBIO/fam/Sarcodes.html.

  7. Hollis

    thanks for the Muir excerpt also, I never tire of his descriptions, even after 40 years

  8. Daniel Mosquin

    Thanks, Norm – I’ve fixed those links.

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